On The Footsteps Of A Great Romanian Writer: Ion Creanga

Ion Creangă is a very well known writer for his fairy tales and stories. Born in the former Principality of Moldavia, city of Targu Neamt, Humuleşti village, he lived in the nineteenth century and knew like no other to talk about the beauty of Romanian peasant childhood.

Below are some pictures with two of his houses, which are now museums. They can be visited in the beautiful city of Iasi. The first house is located inside of the fortified monastery of Golia. Ion Creanga lived here when he was deacon of that church. Here you can also visit Golia tower, 29m high. Remaining photos show the so-called Bojdeuca din Ţicău (hut from Ticau), where he lived the last part of his life. Here, at the urging of his best friend, Mihai Eminescu (the greatest poet of Romania), wrote his immortal operas.

Ion Creangă was a controversial figure. Therefore in 1872 was expelled from the clergy after for 12 years as a teacher and deacon at various churches in Iasi, because “he left his wife, fired his rifle in crows which let dirt on Golia Church and was haircut as a layman”.

Here’s a quote from his most famous book: Childhood memories:

…and my mother, who was famous for her antics, used to say sometimes with a smile, when the sun begun to appear between the clouds after a long rain: „Go outside and laugh into the sun, you yellow hair baby and maybe the weather will straighten”….and the weather was going after my laugh …